In Memory of Departed Members

We Deeply mourn the sad and untimely demise of

Charter Member
Rtn. S.M. Zaman

We lost him on 17 February 1989

Ann. Farida Hossain

We lost her on 05 january 1995

Rtn. PP Afzal Hossain

We lost him on 21 March 1995

Rtn. S.M. Rezaur Rahman

We lost him on 17 August 1995

Ann. Laila Rahman

We lost her on 17 August 1995

Rtn. PP. A.K. Fazlul Hoque

We lost him on 10 November 1998

Rtn. PDG Iqbal Ansari Khan

We lost him on 30 October 1999

Rtn. PP. Tawfiq Aziz Khan

We lost him on 11 February 2001

Ann. Suraiya Khan

We lost her on 02 August 2003

Chartered President
Rtn. Capt. Nawab Hossain

We lost him on 9 April 2003

Rtn. PP. O.H. Shamim Sher RFSM

We lost him on 14 February 2010

R-Ann Amena Begum

We lost her on 14 February 2011

Rtn. Nargis Khan RFSM

We lost her on 2011

Brig. (Retd) Sirajul Huq
Spouse of Rtn. Prof. Farida Huq

We lost him on 01 March 2012

Rtn. PP Engr. Golam Mostafa, MPHF

We lost him on 24 June 2012

Rtn. PP. A. Hafij Chowdhury, PHF

We lost him on 29 January 2013

Rtn. Nargis Jafar PHF

We lost her on ...