Presidential Goals

Rtn. Kazi Shammi Sher
President RY 2014-2015
Light Up Rotary
Since the inception, Rotary Club of Dhaka North west has provided dynamic and effective services to Rotary District 3281. For almost 20 years, it has played a vital role in Polio program in Bangladesh and thus contributed significantly in Polio eradication from Bangladesh. As a continuous organizer of NID program in Mirpur, I feel extremely proud for this achievement and want to express my gratitude to PDG Efftekhar Alam, PDG Selim Reza, PDG Jalaluddin, PDG ZainuL Abedin and all the members of RC of Dhaka North West for successfully endearing this challenge against Polio. Over the years, our club has earned good reputation for it's service projects and the responsibility has now passed to our team ... Read More

Rtn. Laila Rosy
President RY 2013-2014
Engage Rotary
Change Lives
It is only logical that Rotary, to remain as an effective organization, in its second century of service, has to adopt it self to face the challanges of thr 21st century. And Rotary is introducing changes to face these challanges. Lare president Kennedy said "one person can make a difference and every person should try" and more than 1.2 million Rotarians across the globe can try and bring about change for the better.

Since the establishment of our Club in 1976, Rotary Club of Dhaka North West has been a dynamic and effective Club of Rotary District 3281 articulating and adopting changes and services needed in the context of Bangladesh. Read More

Rtn. Dr. Hashrat Ara Begum, PHF
President RY 2012-2013
Peace Through Service
Rotary Club of Dhaka North West, like every other Rotary Club, is made of people who share the Rotary philosophy and wish to devote their strengths and talents to foster goodwill and fellowship among the people they come in contact with. As such, our club has always strived to reach communities with services to the best of our capacity to help others to become better people, live in a better world and contribute to bring about changes and differences to the lives and wellbeing of deprived/ underprivileged communities. Our strength lies in the vast experience and skill of our members and the effective leadership of our previous leaders. Read More

Rtn. Prof. Monowara Islam, PHF
President RY 2011-2012
Reach Within
to Embrace Humanity
Although the mantle of leadership and also the new board was given to me on the first day of July 2011, the responsibilities to make the club projects meaningful and successful came to me the day I was inducted as a Rotarian of this club in 1977. Here I would like to remember with honor Late PDG Iqbal Ansari Khan who was a member of this club who had inspired me to be a Rotarian, I would say a commited Rotarian, which I believe I am. Since being inducted I tried my best to serve the club and the community along with other members of my club. I tried to participate in all club activities to make the long term and short term projects running successfully and smoothly. i would be failing in my duty to address the gathering if I do not extend my gratefullness to the senior club members who groomed me to take the responsibilities as president for the yera 2011-12. Read More

Rtn. Dr. Ladly K Faiz, PHF
President RY 2010-2011
Building Communities
Building Continents
I am very greatful to my club members who groomed me and uplifted me to take the responsibility for the year 2010-2011. It's a big challange. On the other hand, I am very lucky to have very supportive and proactive members of this club who are with me on our journey. This club is very unique. It produced two distinguished district governors like late PDG Iqbal Ansari Khan and PDG K M Zainul Abedin, who guided club members to be future leaders.

The theme of this year is "Building the Communities and Bridging the Continents". We will build the communities through new projects and start with strategic planning of on-going projects and how these can be made sustainable in the future. Read More